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Welcome to - registration marks & photos of Italian General Aviation - fixed-wing powered aircraft with motorgliders and amateur-built planes of 4,5 tons and below.


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*** AERODATA NEWS:     Find us on Facebook at group page on     New Registrations in November 2018: Cessna C150M I-SHEN and Tecnam P2008JC I-OZZD     Italian Register's last export is Piper PA18A-180 I-VALP     New Registration in October 2018: ICP Savannah VG I-SLEG     On November 3rd Siai Marchetti SF260D I-ISAE crashed near Caorle village (Venice), effecting 2 victims     On October 27th Robin DR400-180R I-ITAJ crashed at Molinella airstrip (Bologna), reporting substantial damages     New Registration in September 2018: Cirrus SR22 I-FELC     Italian Register's last dismantling is Morane Saulnier MS894E I-RALC     New Registration in August 2018: Cessna C172N Floatplane I-GDRX     New Registrations in July 2018: Aeronca 11AC I-APPY, Cessna TU206G I-HOMV, Piper PA34-220T I-RIZZ and Piper VR150 (PA18-150) I-VRAD     On August 15th Piper PA18-150 I-NENA crashed on suburbs of Cimadolmo village (Treviso), causing two deaths     On August 8th Piper PA28-181 I-VAAS crashed on Lussino island (Croatia), reporting four injured on board     On August 4th Stinson L5 I-AEEA reported heavy damages due to emergency landing on lake of Varese     No new Registrations in June 2018     New Registrations in May 2018: Cessna C172S I-BGDO and Piper PA28-181 I-IZAR     New Registration in April 2018: Tecnam P2008JC I-CNTA ***



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